empowering schools and educators

2% of the world’s population is gifted. The terms ‘gifted’ or ‘gifted and talented’ are controversial. In some English-speaking countries they mean something completely different than in others. Eureka Education specializes in those children who score well on intelligence tests, but often don’t do quite as well in school as one would expect. Did you know even Albert Einstein’s educators didn’t realize he was intelligent? They misinterpreted his unintelligible answers as the ramblings of a child with a learning disorder.
Many gifted children are only recognized as such after years of miscommunication and frustration. and it’s not only the child that suffers the frustration; educators too suffer from the emotional roller coaster that can occur in such cases. Once the child has been diagnosed it is imperative no more time is lost and we get to work immediately! Appropriate teaching methods and materials can greatly improve the emotional state of the pupil and reestablish a bond of trust between a child and his teacher.
Often it is the parents that have discovered their child’s unexpectedly high IQ. The dialogue with these parents can be trying, but it can also be an invaluable source of information and inspiration. Eureka Education can support you in your contact with these parent and help you to distinguish between necessary changes and unrealistic expectations.
Eureka can also help you in adapting your learning materials to suit the needs of these children. We can do it for you, but we can also teach you how it’s done. We can also coach teachers in managing the new situation in the classroom.
.Empowering schools and educators
Discovering your child is far more intelligent than you thought can be a huge wake-up call for parents. Eureka also offers support and coaching to the families of gifted children. For more information check out empowering the gifted .