empowering the gifted

What a difference g and t makes… Knowing you’re not just some weirdo but you’re actually pretty smart can be a real eye-opener. Let’s talk about what you always thought no one would understand. Let’s explore your options, let’s learn about who you really are!
Many people who discover their high IQ at a later age lament their lack of education. Don’t. It’s never too late to learn. Let’s talk about old dreams, new goals and realistic targets. Let us help you achieve what you never thought possible!
Trouble in the workplace? It’s not uncommon for gifted adults to have issues in the workplace. Knowing you’re gifted is always a good start, but knowing what you can do to communicate effectively with your coworkers is an absolute must. Let us teach you how to do it!
Alternatively, perhaps it’s not you but your child who has been diagnosed as gifted. This can be a bit of a wake-up call for the family: what can you do to support your child in school, but also at home? What kind of family do you want to be? Perhaps you always thought of yourselves as social misfits, perhaps “fitting in” has always had the highest priority in your household. Let’s repeat that question; what kind of family do you want to be?
Let that question be the starting point of a journey that can change your life.
Knowing who you are is the first step in becoming who you want to be.