My name is Charlotte Hoyng. I have been active in the study of giftedness in children and adults for many years. I strongly believe my biggest asset is the fact that both my sons and I myself am gifted. My experience extends to many aspects of the field:
- chair Gifted Children Committee, Mensa International Limited
- coaching the teachers of a school in Bloemendaal on how they work with their gifted pupils.
- board member of the Koepel Hoogbegaafdheid, delegated by Mensa NL
- Math and English teacher at primary schools for the gifted
- facilitator at Hint, an association for gifted children
- coaching gifted youngsters in secondary school
- supporting parents of gifted children
- lectures about design technology teaching and how to adapt it for gifted children
- writer of specialized learning materials for the gifted for the Leonardo Foundation
- lecturer for the Leonardo Foundation
- member of the Education Committee at Mensa NL
- teaching qualifications for mathematics, physics, chemistry, design technology and information technology
- native speaker English and Dutch