Is all this really necessary?

If gifted people are so smart, why all the fuss? Can’t they solve their own problems?
Yes, gifted people are really smart, but their high intelligence is no guarantee for immediate success. Indeed, their high IQ can have some unexpected consequences when it comes to interaction with others in a world that often doesn’t feel as their own.
Many gifted people can behave in surprising ways. They can laugh at things other people don’t find funny, they can miss the point completely in a conversation, they can seem socially awkward. Their unexpected behavior is often described as ‘behavioral issues’. What a pity.
Many gifted people are experienced at being rejected by their peers for their socially inadequate behavior. They can often feel lonely. Sometimes they will seek out other ‘misfits’ to befriend. This can lead to very superficial friendships, based on repeated confirmation of their shared status of outcast.

Loneliness is rarely voluntary.